You should keep your mask on.

While there have been less regulations on masks globally in recent years, China has removed covid testing and the requirement to wear masks by the end of 2022. Some individuals applaud and declare that masks can be eliminated. Rates of COVID-19 infection are increasing once again due to travel and meetings in crowded settings, particularly […]

5 Dust-Free Masks

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Dust Health Problems Inhaling drywall dust might cause long-term health problems. The particles cause respiratory difficulties like asbestos. One study found that 30% of workers who handle drywall without sufficient protection suffer upper respiratory difficulties years later. Everyone should wear face masks when sanding or demolishing to avoid future difficulties. Drywall dust can cause long-term […]

Ways To Make Sure You’Re Wearing The Right N95 Mask For Concrete Dust

Look for a respirator that has an NIOSH rating of at least N95 standard if you need one to defend against dust or other potentially hazardous particles while you’re doing your shopping for a respirator. When trying to prevent possible exposure to silica dust, you should never utilize a disposable dust mask in place of […]

Why the China N95 Safety Dust Mask is a economical products for Travelers

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According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are many nasty substances that are easily inhaled, such as pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, bacteria, and more. However, there are specialized masks to protect you from these harmful substances when you travel or work in dusty places like construction sites. N95 safety dust […]