Epidemic situation in Canada

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Recently, new strains of the virus have emerged in various countries, and unknown hepatitis has become more prevalent among children.

In Canada, the epidemic still continue to fluctuate.

Between January 15 and March 15, 2022, a subset of adults will participated in self-administered dry blood spot tests, and blood samples will be sent back to researchers for analysis. The team then tested the samples for covid-19-related antibodies.

From these results of self-administered dry blood spot tests, researchers found that nearly 30 percent of Canadian adults were infected in the first wave of omicron infection, compared to about 10 percent in the previous four waves.

The study point out that in the fifth wave one million of get infections which were among the country’s 2.3 million unvaccinated adults.

“Testing data is incomplete, so having a representative sample of people receiving these testing tools is very important to work out how much of the population is immune to COVID-19,” a source said.

Currently, wearing masks and getting vaccination are still very important.

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