How to wear N95 masks and who cannot wear N95 masks

Wear the N95 mask according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the printed box. After the respirator is worn and fitted to the face, it is important to check the respirator for fit and leakage for best protection. Because if air leaks from both sides, the mask won’t do its best job of protecting the user.
How to check if you’re wearing it correctly. Please pay attention to the steps.
Place your hands around the respirator. Then exhale hard. If feel leakage, after readjusting the respirator; Exhale hard again.

If there is still air leakage, re-adjust the nose rack and bandage until there is no air leakage.

Key information you need to know:
N95 masks are not suitable for everyone.
Beards or other facial hair may interfere with mask protection, so wearers with thick beards are advised to trim their beards before wearing an N95 mask.
People with chronic heart or lung conditions (like congestive heart disease, asthma) should consult their doctor before using a respirator.

If you have difficulty breathing or have any other problems while cleaning while wearing a respirator, remove the mask immediately and consult your respiratory doctor.

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