Masks and Physical Training

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Novel Coronavirus for nearly two years. Although experts advise people to wear face masks when exercising outdoors. But wearing masks during exercise can have a negative impact on the body. Since masks often cover the nose and mouth, wearing them during exercise can limit ventilation and reduce oxygen levels, leading to breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. However, the impact of wearing a mask on breathing varies from person to person, depending on the individual’s physical condition, intensity of exercise and type of mask.

Professional or amateur Athletes: In general, even athletes with a higher physical level will tire more quickly when they work out with a face mask because of different venues and different levels of ventilation. However, athletes who train regularly are more likely to wear masks during moderate-intensity exercise. Increased ventilation may be required for high-intensity exercise if a mask is worn during exercise. As a result, this can lead to breathing problems and impaired health levels. A science-based attempt has been undertaken to actually adapt face masks for professional athletes to improve their fitness. Still, recent studies have shown that wearing masks during normal exercise does not improve athletic performance. Instead, it helps strengthen respiratory muscle tissue by making it work harder, thereby improving the endurance of well-trained athletes.

People who don’t exercise regularly or the elderly: Wearing a mask while exercising may increase the risk of breathing problems because the body struggles to cope with limited ventilation, so the heart and lungs tend to work harder than usual, increasing the risk of life-threatening conditions such as sudden cardiac death or heart attack for breathing difficulties.

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