What Difficulties do N95 Manufacturer Face Right Now

What difficulties do N95 manufacturer face right now.

With the world focusing more on health and safety, the use of PPE has increased significantly over the years. These two years face masks have been even more remarkable. The demand of these products in the market keeps increasing each year, which has put a strain on manufacturers in terms of production efficiency and meeting time delivery promises. But now what difficulties does PPE manufacturer face right now? Let’s pick a small branch to analyze. It is N95 mask.

Before production: research and patent your new product idea

If products are produced in normal looking and normal technology, they may be not so popular when they are put into market. So the same as N95 masks, a lot of innovative element will be added to the N95 production during production. So manufacturer must make sure this innovation is not already patented before, then research and patent your new product idea. In brief: your design can be very similar to a existing one, but it has to work better or in another way. This will minimize patent infringements and increase your profit if you decide to produce N95.

After production: fierce market competition

In order to attract more and more customers, existing N95 factory often develop new N95 masks or introduce new specifications. In recent years, with fierce market competition, prices of disposable masks have fluctuated greatly.

Compete with other N95 manufacturer from home and abroad

Competition is fierce, with other N95 manufacturer from home and abroad offering similar products to yours at lower prices. Because these companies are all trying to undercut each other on price, they need to find ways to be more efficient while keeping overhead low. In order to keep costs down, N95 manufacturer must rely on production partners and supply chain managers who understand how logistics and inventory management can help reduce costs in an effort to stay competitive.

Compete with Free N95 policy

In fact, a completely free N95 policy could be creating a lot of challenges for business that are currently facing tough times due to fierce price competition. According to If these businesses decide to raise their prices, they would not be able to attract customers and may even have to shut down. Moreover, when people don’t pay anything for goods or services, there is little incentive for manufacturers and providers to improve their quality or lower costs.

“According to Press Briefing by White House COVID-⁠19 Response Team and Public Health Officials. Government will continue to take additional steps to ensure that Americans have what they need to protect themselves, including by making hundreds of millions of N95 masks available for free to all Americans” That is good for civilian, but a blow for PPE industry.

Difficult to make following marketing plan

Before the epidemic, there were relatively few manufacturers of N95 and few N95 Site. The market demand for N95 was also very stable.
However, with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic two years ago, the demand for masks surged. More and more new manufacturers of N95 are emerging in front of us. So some N95 brands or N95 sites may be out of the market in the near future.

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