What are dust N95 masks for

The N95 mask was originally designed to protect professional workers with at least 95% filtering effect against airborne particle such as wildfire smoke, house working’s particle, dust of road. For professional workers, cup shape is more comfortable than folding shape. It can provide spacious room for users to breathe. For long-term workers, N95 masks with valves is more comfortable than those without valves, cuz user’s exhaled air can be slowly discharged through unique-design valve.

As a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic in the last two years, it is desirable that many ordinary consumers purchase N95 grade masks as their daily protective masks against the virus. Because the Novel Coronavirus is spread by attaching to the airborne particles, the N95 mask can effectively flight against over 95% effective against non-oily particles. But for the sake of everyone’s health, an N95 without a valve is the best choice for those who wear N95 masks in the public.

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